RAW VIDEO: People trapped when ride malfunctioned at Washington State Fair

(Graphic language warning) RAW VIDEO: People trapped when ride malfunctioned. Video from Elishia Payne and Nathan Payne.

Nineteen people were rescued off of a ride called El Niño after it malfunctioned Monday at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup.

No one was injured.

Tuesday, witnesses Elishia Payne and Nathan Payne shared a 22-minute video with KIRO 7 News that showed people trapped on the ride after it malfunctioned. 

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Elishia Payne said her daughter was on the ride during the incident.

The full video is uploaded above. Be aware, the video may contain graphic language. 

At around 6 p.m., the ride came to a complete stop.

Stacy Van Horne, a public relations manager for the Washington State Fair, said before the fair opens each day, every ride goes through at least three rotations at a minimum, and inspectors and mechanics are on the scene checking the rides throughout the day.

The ride is out of service until the completion of an investigation into the cause of the malfunction. 

The full, raw video from witnesses Elishia Payne and Nathan Payne is also embedded below.

Note that there may be graphic language in the video.

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