Public concerned about convicted criminal on the run

SEATTLE — Many people in downtown Seattle are concerned about a man who has committed violent assaults on women and is now on the run.

Police say that 21-year-old Isaiah Clay Lewis kicked two women in the back of the head.

Tracy Roberts says she was kicked by the suspect while she was planting flowers in Belltown.

“Not only did I have multiple facial fractures, I required eye surgery, have a TBI, PTSD and (a) concussion,” said Roberts. “The other survivor also had PTSD.”

The other woman was kicked by the suspect while riding a Metro bus.

Police believe that Lewis is a danger to the community and people need to be on the lookout for him. This news has made some women like Sarah worried about their own safety.

“It is kind of concerning,” Sarah said.

She also feels it is already harder for women to travel alone in big cities. That a man known to commit violent acts toward women is at large is even tougher to process.

“You know, we take those issues seriously because if it just affects women, it could also affect other people as well,” Sarah said.

The Washington State Department of Corrections has confirmed with KIRO 7 that Lewis violated his parole and has a warrant out for his arrest. Many in the community hope he is caught before he can hurt someone else.

“Especially since he has done it more than once, you know we’ve seen him do it twice. And so, it is a concern and they really should be on top of it,” Sarah said.