• Protesters in Seattle rally in support of protests in Hong Kong

    By: KIRO 7 News Staff


    There was a rally in Seattle on Sunday to show solidarity with protesters in Hong Kong.

    Organizers showed support for U.S. legislation that the sponsors said would support democracy in the autonomous region while outlining consequences for abuses.

    However, police in Hong Kong used tear gas on a crowd for a second straight day.

    The tear gas was blasted into a crowd of Hong Kong protesters.

    "Man being kicked down," the crowd yelled.

    People over in the region are pushing back over on a proposed extradition bill that protesters fear will infringe upon their rights.

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    Back in Seattle, protesters showed solidarity with those in Hong Kong.

    "Keeping Hong Kong as the way it is with our rule of law, with the freedoms that we were promised when we were returned to China, I think that's something that's very core to who I am," Helen Lee, who grew up in Hong Kong, said.

    "I see that the police force isn't really having any sort of respect or restraint in the way that they're using force and I see that the government is not listening to the people, and that makes me frustrated."

    Organizers in Seattle made it clear that they are not advocating for Hong Kong's independence but are calling attention to the recently reintroduced Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. It would, among other things, require yearly scrutiny of Hong Kong's autonomy in justifying its special trade status with the U.S.

    It would also include sanctions and travel restrictions for people who suppress freedoms in Hong Kong and those responsible for abductions of journalists and booksellers.

    Seattle organizer Timothy Wong said: "Being here in America, this is the least we can do. And when we find out there's this Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, we know we have to take action."

    Organizers also backed the protesters' demands, which include the government dropping criminal charges against all Hong Kong protesters and withdrawing the proposed extradition bill that sparked the protests.

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