Protesters confront Gov. Inslee over sex offender concerns

Protesters confront Gov. Inslee over sex offender concerns

Today protesters in Pierce County confronted Gov. Jay Inslee about their concerns over the state releasing violent sex offenders into their community.

The crowd gathered early as the governor came to attend a campaign event. Many of these protestors live in Oakbrook, a nearby golfing community. They said their neighborhood is among many others in Lakewood where some 90 adult family homes are located and where the state has been placing violent sex offenders.

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“If Gov. Inslee does not help us with this, we will hold him responsible,” said Oakbrook resident Tracy Ingram.

We talked with Inslee today, and he said he is aware of the concerns from neighbors and that the solution is to build more facilities to house sex offenders released by the courts.

“We need the whole state to help on this,” said Inslee. “We need more places outside of Lakewood and we are trying to find a way to finance those.”

We talked with Steve Sloboda, from Oakbrook, who said with more sex offenders potentially moving in a few doors from his home, he and his

family are considering moving away.

“Having children is putting them right on their lap to have them do what they wish. I am not going to allowed that to happen to my kids,” said Sloboda.

The city of Lakewood has sued the state trying to limit the number of sex offenders the state houses here.

A judge recently tossed it out, saying, "Sexual violent predators and people with violent criminal histories have the right to choose to live in Lakewood, and it would be unconstitutional to prohibit them."