Proposal would keep SPD's old guns, ammo from being sold to public

The Seattle City Council could vote on a proposal Monday to keep the Seattle Police Department's old guns and ammunition from being resold to the public.

The legislation would mean the items could only be sold to other police departments.

Every year, SPD replaces or upgrades about 30,000 worth of guns and ammo.

Currently, they sell them to a vendor who then can sell the firearms to gun stores.

Advocates for this legislation point out that the SPD guns and ammo could then end up on the black market.

Council member Sally Bagshaw proposed the ordinance which would mandate that surplus guns and ammunition only get sold to other law enforcement agencies.

Bagshaw and Mayor Ed Murray say this is aimed at keeping guns off the street.

Gun rights advocates say it's restricting the rights of people who want to legally buy guns.

An amendment that could be discussed Monday afternoon is that SPD would simply destroy surplus guns, instead of selling them back to a vendor.