‘Prolific’ burglar arrested in Everett facing 35 charges

Everett police said they arrested a man suspected to be a “prolific” burglar who’s responsible for numerous crimes in south Everett.

According to a post on the police department’s Facebook page, over the last several months, there have been at least 30 burglary or malicious mischief cases. In each case, a windowpane at a home would be removed or shot with a BB gun, and then the house would be burglarized.

Everett police property crimes detectives said they believed the cases were linked and investigated each one to find the suspect.

Detectives identified a U-Haul truck that was rented by the suspect and were able to find where the man was staying.

A search warrant was served at his home and the man was arrested. Police said he confessed to 15 burglaries.

Everett police officers said with the man’s confession and evidence found in his home, they have potentially solved numerous cases and the man is facing 35 criminal charges.