Prepare for wildfire smoke now, Department of Health advises

Prepare for wildfire smoke now, Department of Health advises

The Department of Health is advising Washingtonians to prepare now for upcoming smoky days and unhealthy air quality that is expected this summer.

While inhaling wildfire smoke isn't good for anyone, certain sensitive groups are more susceptible to health problems. These groups include children, adults over 65, people with heart and lung diseases, people who have had a stroke, people with illnesses and colds, pregnant women and people who smoke.

On especially smoky days, people should limit outdoor activity and stay indoors. Symptoms from smoke exposure can include watery or dry eyes, wheezing, sinus irritation, headaches or chest pain.

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What you can do now:

  • Look at air quality reports in your area
  • If you or someone you know has heart of lung disease, including asthma, ask a doctor what precautions you can take when air quality is poor. Have necessary medication on hand
  • Buy a portable air cleaner and create a "clean" room to spend time in when the air isn't healthy

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