Prayer vigil follows unrest in Seattle

VIDEO: Faith leaders come together with community

SEATTLE — Following several days of violent protests over the death of George Floyd, Seattle came together for a prayer vigil.

Faith and City leaders gathered outside the First African Methodist Episcopal Church on Monday afternoon. They encouraged the community to continue holding peaceful demonstrations and not to get distracted by the violence.

“We are talking today because he continuous killing of black men and women needs to be addressed,” said Dr. Rev. Carey Anderson.

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Dr. Rev. Carey Anderson led a prayer vigil outside the First African Methodist Episcopal Church to speak out against racism and social injustice following the death of George Floyd. He reminded the community not lose hope in their fight for justice.

“George Floyd, we remember him; Breonna Taylor, we remember her; Ahmaud Arbery your name will never be forgotten,” said Dr. Rev. Anderson.

Seattle’s police chief and fire chief also expressed their support.

“As people continue to protest, and march for the right reasons, in a peaceful way, we want to support that, we want to be there with you,” said Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins.

“We want people to express their rights, and express their rage and anger about what is happening and continues to happen but we want to work with you to work towards a better day,” said Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

After many protests turned violent across the country and here in Seattle, Pastor Anderson wanted the community to know their message was not lost, and calls for change are being heard.

“We do not want to forget why we march, why we protest, why we preach and why we pray, and tried to attribute it to what Andre Taylor and the group of marchers were intending to do, you will come to justice, we will win, we will get the victory,” said Dr. Rev. Anderson.