Police search for package thieves who stole from newlyweds

police are looking for the package thieves who stole the WEDDING gifts of a Seattle couple as they were getting married!

Seattle police are investigating after thieves stole some of the wedding gifts of a Seattle couple as they were out of town getting married.

Patrick Tobin and his now-wife Elizabeth got married in Pacific City, Oregon over the weekend. It was a perfect day.

“The wedding was great,” he said. “So much fun… she was stunning.”

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They celebrated with relatives, enjoyed the weather, and were just falling asleep when Patrick received an alert from the Nest camera on their West Seattle home.

“It woke me straight out of bed,” he said. “It was aggravating.”

He realized nearly all the packages he had seen earlier on his doorstep— wedding gifts that arrived late, after they had left for Oregon— were gone. A box of curtains was all that remained.

“There were some packages from my relatives in Arizona—a vase, some really cool things that we would hopefully love to cherish,” he said.

Patrick called Seattle police.

“They said, ‘We can’t take you over the phone. Technically, you have to be here in Seattle to actually take the report,’” he said.

So they headed back home to do that and see if the thieves had been up to anything else.

“If this hadn't happened, would you have stayed a little bit longer?” KIRO 7 asked.

“We would have stayed probably until Tuesday or Wednesday,” he said.

Patrick and Elizabeth are determined not to let the thefts rain on their memories of that day. But they do have a message for those thieves.

“Don't do it,” he said. “I don't know why you would do it. This a very charitable town. If you're down on your dumps or you need help, find the proper help. Don't turn to something like this.”

Patrick says someone did find silverware the thieves had abandoned and returned it to their home.

Law enforcement says if people are leaving town and expecting packages, the best bet is to get them delivered to another location.

In this case, newlyweds can change the address on the wedding registry online so packages go somewhere safe.