Police say teens recklessly riding dirt bike in Arlington led to armed robbery arrest

Arlington police officers who stopped two teens they say were recklessly riding a dirt bike around town found that one of the teens was a suspect in a recent armed robbery.

Officers said they received multiple calls last week about a dirt bike being driven recklessly on streets and park lawns, causing multiple near misses with drivers.

Police used a drone and spotted the teens, who were caught on camera riding around before they were stopped by officers.

“In addition to the reckless endangerment, previous eluding, the public and private damage, multiple near misses and vehicles run off the roadway while taking evasive action, one of the subjects was booked into the Juvenile Justice Center for Investigation of a recent armed robbery,” the police department said in a Facebook post.

Police said the effort to try to stop the teens tied up multiple public safety resources for more than an hour.

The police department shared video clips with condensed radio traffic to show some of the partnerships and technologies, such as a drone, used in some situations.