Police say maintenance man measured windows then groped woman, exposed himself

Police say maintenance man measured windows then groped woman, exposed himself

SEATTLE — Prosecutors say a 55-year-old maintenance worker entered a woman's apartment under the guise of having to do some work there, then threw her onto the bed, told her he wanted to have sex with her, chased her through the apartment and exposed his genitals during a sexually motivated attack.

Seattle police said the maintenance man at the apartment, who the victim knew as “Mike,” and later identified as Michael Sellers, knocked on the victim’s door on April 2, saying he had had a work order to measure her bedroom window for new blinds.

The woman told police she was wearing a nightgown at the time as she was not expecting company or  for any work to be done at her apartment.

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The woman let Sellers in, and when he finished measuring, he threw her onto her bed, told her he had wanted her since he first saw her and wanted to have sex with her, according to a Seattle police case investigation report.

The woman fought Sellers off and ran through the apartment to get away from him as he made lewd comments about what he wanted to do to her sexually, charging documents said.  When Sellers caught her in the living room, his genitals were hanging out of his pants, and she fell back onto the couch, where he held her down, rubbed her naked breast and licked her leg while trying to get between her legs, court documents said.

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During the attack, the victim continued to fight, yell loudly and tell Sellers, “No!” until she was able to get him off her and get up from the couch, according to the police report.

At that point, the woman again yelled loudly, and Sellers told her to be quiet because someone was gong to hear them, police said. He eventually left, telling the woman he would be back later with a bottle of wine.

She told police she immediately left the apartment because she was afraid Sellers would return.

According to the police report, the property manager told police Sellers was hired as a temporary worker for an apartment staffing firm and had access to apartment keys that were associated with a work order.

Sellers was charged with indecent liberties on May 15.

According to records, Sellers was convicted of child molestation in Georgia in 1994 and has numerous convictions between 2009 and 2015 for failing to register as a sex offender or failing to comply with registration requirements.