Police say ID thieves lived the high life, now charged

Detectives say a pair of identity thieves was living the high life on someone else's money. They drove flashy cars, bought expensive jewelry, and lived in a hotel, according to charging documents.

Donovan Park, 22, and Joshua Spaulding, 29,  are charged with 16 counts of identity theft after an extensive investigation by Bellevue police.

Investigators say Park tried to buy a Rolex at Porcello Jewelers in September 2018. After trying two different credit cards, employees said he left the store.

Five days later he came back, but this time police said he was trying to exchange a Rolex watch he bought from another jewelry store. Employees were suspicious and called police.

Detective Ray Lofink took possession of the Rolex after talking to Park. He says Park agreed to allow him to search his car. Inside, investigators said they found a device used to create credit cards and blank credit cards with account numbers on the back. The cards were traced to an "out of state" bank and investigators eventually went to the Marriott Residence Inn in Bellevue.

Police think the pair charged hundreds of thousands of dollars on other people's accounts. Many of the charges went through, some were denied.

According to charging documents Park spent $8,100 at Envision Optometry in Bellevue, getting 8-12 pairs of high-end glasses.

"He just came in a few times and was driving some kind of luxury car and it seemed like money was no object," Dr. John Brown of Envision Optometry told KIRO 7 on Wednesday.

Detectives say Park was buying stolen account numbers on the dark web using bit coin.

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