Police: Man with active warrants left child, kept cocaine while fleeing scene

Police: Man with active warrants left child, kept cocaine while fleeing scene

Image provided by Moses Lake Police Department

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — A 23-year-old man was arrested outside the Moses Lake Aquatic Center after police said he attempted to flee when they contacted him as part of a drug investigation.

Police said Michael Cera Barajas was in a vehicle with his 3-year-old son when he was confronted by officers.

"Cera Barajas submitted his application for Dad of the Year by fleeing on foot – leaving the 3-year-old to fend for himself," a spokesperson for the Moses Lake Police Department wrote in a news release.

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Officers said they secured the child and began to chase Ceja Barajas.

Police said they took Ceja Barajas into custody as he attempted to get into a pool at the Aquatic Center.

"Cera Barajas was found to be in possession of several bindles of cocaine that were packaged for sale, as well as over $1,800 cash in small bills," police said.

Police said they later returned to a car that Cera Barajas had attempted to get into during the chase.

The car had its window open and the owner told police he found a loaded pistol inside, officials said.

Officers said they seized the pistol and submitted it as evidence.

"Cera Barajas was booked on outstanding warrants as well as the drug charges, with further charges pending," police said.

A warrant was executed on the car Cera Barajas initially fled from and police said an additional half-ounce of cocaine packaged for sale was recovered.

Police said the child was turned over to Child Protective services.

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