Woman acts to prevent luring of 9-year-old boy

SEATTLE — A South Seattle woman sprang into action when she heard a man trying to drag a young boy into his apartment.

The attempted kidnapping happened on Letitia Avenue and South Adams Street in Seattle.

She stepped in and stopped the kidnapping from happening, giving the boy time to run away to safety.

It happened last Friday morning on a quiet, unassuming street, so the woman, in her 30s, could clearly see that something bad might be happening to a neighbor's son.

"So I got up and I looked," the woman said, "and I seen it was the little boy I met the other day."

She agreed to talk but didn't want to show her face or share her name, so concerned is she about what might have happened to the little boy outside her window last week.

"I got up off the couch and came to the door," she said, "and I told him to run."

According to court documents, 63-year-old Domingo Osorio-Lobos had grabbed the 9-year-old boy and was dragging him toward his apartment, even as the boy kept saying he did not want to go.   When his neighbor heard what was happening, she intervened.

"I came all the way out to the street right here," said the woman. "And then the guy tried to fight me, and I was backing down the hill."

She says all the while, she was calling 911, telling the operator what the boy told her.

"The little boy is saying, 'He's trying to make sex with me,'" she said.  "That's what he said. Those were his words."

The boy managed to run to safety.

She says the man is no stranger.  Her boyfriend agreed to let him live in their apartment for a time.

"He's tried to hit on me before," she said.  "But I've never seen no kids, just me."

That seemed to change last week, court documents say, when he turned his sexual attention to the young boy.

"I thank God that I was here," she says.

Osorio-Lobos was formally charged three days ago. He is being held at the King County jail on $200,000 bail.

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