Police looking for information after murder in South Seattle

SEATTLE — Seattle police are looking for any information about who killed a man in the Highland Park area of South Seattle Saturday Saturday afternoon.

Detectives say a witness saw a car speed away from a driveway in the 8400 block of 1st Ave S.

“We got a call from a witness who said there was a disturbance down the road. When the disturbance kind of stopped, a car, unknown make and model sped away, reported to us as being gray in color,” said Detective Patrick Michaud, with the Seattle Police Department.

Michaud said he does not believe the disturbance included a physical fight.

“When that car sped away, there was a person who was clearly dead on the ground. The witness stopped, called 911 immediately, and when our officers got here they confirmed that yes, that person had obviously died,” Michaud said.

A mom who lives close to where the incident happened said she heard nearly 10 gunshots before police arrived.

“It sounded like boom, boom, boom, boom,” said Sovana Hang. “I was so scared,” she said.

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But Michaud said it’s not clear right now if the man was shot.

“We aren’t sure. That’s something that’s going to come from the ME’s office, they’re just starting to look at the body,” he said.

Someone who stopped by the crime scene said he’s familiar with the area and said there’s a “fair amount of issues” in the area.

“You wouldn’t even believe what goes on in this neighborhood,” said Jason Keane, whose work brings him to South Seattle. “Drugs homelessness, mental health, crazies,” Keane said.

The victim’s identity was not released on Saturday.

Seattle Police are asking people with any information to call the homicide/assault tip line at (206) 233-5000.