Police bust drug rings at Seattle homeless encampments; 10 arrested

Ten people were arrested and several weapons, cash, drugs and stolen items were seized after a drug ring was busted at encampments two Seattle neighborhoods Wednesday, police said.

Police served warrants to two tents at an encampment on 2nd Avenue South and South Washington Street, an apartment on 6th Avenue South and South Washington Street and an apartment in the south precinct.

Investigators believe the apartments served as a base of operations that supplied drugs to the streets and was a facility to collect and resale stolen property. Six people were arrested at these locations.

>> PHOTOS: Drugs, stolen items seized in Seattle drug ring bust

Police also served warrants to two tents at an encampment at 10th Avenue South and South Dearborn Street and a house in the 3000 block of Beacon Avenue South. Four people were arrested at these locations.

Investigators said they believe that the home was serving as the primary base for operations.

"Real and fake firearms. Knives, machetes and a sword. Stolen purses, tablets, cellphones, watches, clothing and perfume. Over $20,000 in cash. And drugs. Nearly a pound of crack cocaine, plus varying quantities of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and pills," said Seattle police sergeant Sean Whitcomb. "These items and more comprise the myriad evidence detectives will be poring over and cataloging as they build criminal cases against ten people arrested."

Police said they do not believe the drug rings are connected but were operating undependently with similar patterns of criminal behavior.

The investigaiton remains active and ongoing.

Police said more arrests may be made later.

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