Three armed teens caught after robbing store

VIDEO: Three teens in custody after robbing Auburn store

Three armed teenagers were caught on camera bursting into an Auburn convenience store. In just 40 seconds, they assaulted and robbed the clerk.

A relative of that clerk describes him as "brave."

The robbery happened Friday night on A Street Southeast in Auburn. The suspects managed to take off with cash and cigarettes.

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They were actually arrested by a different police agency. Somehow, Kent police recognized them and took them into custody.

The three teenagers, each 17 years old and armed with a handgun, worked so quickly, less than a minute passed before they ran out with loot in hand.

"They did it in 40 seconds," said a relative of the clerk. "They know what they are looking for."

The relative did not want to be identified. She said the teens punched the clerk as they emptied the till and stuffed a backpack with cigarettes and vaping supplies.

She says the clerk did not resist.

"So he just like, 'OK.' He just like this," she said, raising her arms over her head. "He didn't look at their eyes."

The robbery happened at 10:14 p.m. Friday. Another clerk had left for the night but came back when she realized she forgot her keys. When she saw what was happening, she called 911.

Auburn police Cmdr. Steve Stocker told KIRO 7 officers used a K-9 to track the trio but lost their scent, so detectives believe they ran to a waiting car.

At some point, Kent police spotted and arrested them. It turns out a Seattle police detective wanted to interview them, too.

"For a detective to come out Friday night to want to talk to these people, I have to assume that they thought maybe they were suspects in something going on in Seattle," said Stocker. "But I don't have any details on that."

The clerk was not back at work early in the day, but the relative says his wife is quite shaken.

"She was so panicked, she cried (about) what happened," the relative said. "Like, 'Thank God everybody's fine.'"

Relatives say even though he was punched, the clerk was not badly hurt. Everyone who knows and cares about him is upset.

The teenagers are expected to make their first court appearance in King County Juvenile Court on Monday.

Below is raw video showing the robbery:

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