Man throws metal plate at windshield of passing car

A driver had a close call on his way to work Wednesday morning when someone tossed a metal plate through his windshield.

It happened on the northbound I-5 off-ramp at James and Dearborn streets in Seattle around 5:30 a.m.

Wade Anderson said as he passed by a homeless camp, a man standing on a guardrail hurled a heavy metal plate through his windshield.

"The next thing I knew, a big chunk of metal flew through my windshield and hit me in the arm. I went numb instantly," Anderson said.

He was able to stop the car a couple hundred feet away and call 911.

"I got lucky that it didn't hit anywhere but my arm, but yeah, it was pretty bad," Anderson said.

According to troopers with the Washington State Patrol, a few minutes later, the driver of a minivan called to say that something also hit his vehicle as he passed by the same spot.

Anderson got a look at the man who threw the metal plate, but police were not able to find him.

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