Phase 2 guidelines for pet groomers released; can only operate at 50% capacity

Phase 2 guidelines for pet groomers released

For the last 2 months, dogs, like humans, have had to go without a haircut.

Groomers like Rebecca Caron have been forced to shut down.

“It's been rough. I have a waiting list a mile long. My clients have been frothing at the bit for us to reopen,” Caron said.

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Caron owns Puppy Bubbles Pet Styling and Playhouse on Mercer Island.

“I totally support being closed but now I worry when it is time to reopen, how we are going to do that and actually be able to comply with the guidelines set forth within the industry,” Caron added.

Pet groomers can reopen during phase 2 of the state’s plan. In King County, that would be June 1 at the earliest.

Under the state's new rules, groomers can only operate at 50% and must maintain social distancing. For Caron, that would mean limiting one person at a time in both her bathing room and her drying room.

“We’re not going to be able to accommodate all the clients who need it and I don’t know what the long term repercussions going to be,” Caron explained.

Usually Caron's salon can groom 30 dogs a day with a staff of six. With the new rules, she'll be down to 16 dogs and can only hire back one employee. She’s concerned her business, which has been around for more than 10 years, won’t survive.

“I have considered my options because I will not be able to afford this location working at half staff. Not long term. Even raising prices long term it will not work,” Caron said.

Caron is considering sitting out phase 2 and reopening during phase 3. But even then, she worries since there’s no guarantee the guidelines will be loosened to allow more capacity.