Pedestrians raise concerns about Tacoma crosswalk

Pedestrians raise concerns about Tacoma crosswalk

A Tacoma crosswalk has come into focus thanks to a post on social media showing a sixth-grade girl unable to cross because traffic would not stop for her.

The crosswalk is located at 53rd Avenue Northeast and Norpoint Way.

Leah Sleeper was trying to cross the street but cars wouldn’t stop for her.

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“I feel kind of irritated,” she said. “I was trying to wave my hand but no cars were really stopping.”

Leah’s aunt took video and posted it on social media to show how difficult it was to cross.

“My aunt was looking out the window and she came out and told them to stop,” Leah said.

Leah isn’t the only pedestrian who has had trouble trying to cross.

Rose Haskins lives nearby and told KIRO 7 she has to walk around the block.

“Traffic’s coming through here pretty fast. I would rather not deal with that, I would rather not get hit,” Haskins said.

KIRO 7 reached out to Tacoma police and learned in the last four years, there was one reported crash involving two cars but no one was hurt. There were no crashes involving pedestrians during that time either.

Tacoma City council member Kristina Walker says changes should be made, and admits it may not happen this year as funds aren’t available at the moment.

KIRO 7 reached out to Tacoma Public Works about the intersection, and we haven’t heard back yet.