Parents lost to COVID-19, Olympia woman becomes Democratic delegate

VIDEO: Parents lost to COVID, Olympia woman becomes Democratic delegate

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Watching Joe Biden accept the Democratic nomination was a bittersweet moment for Tracey Carlos of Olympia.

“It’s been a rough year,” she said with an emotional pause, “best way to put it.”

Carlos' parents Bob and Bano Carlos both lived in Florida. Both died from COVID-19 there in March.

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“Dad had me call them at the hospital when they were putting them under because when you go on the ventilator, they don’t keep you awake. And they didn’t wake up again,” Tracey Carlos said.

Carlos blames President Donald Trump for the death of her parents.

“Trump was told in February by the CDC that we should social distance, and he held a rally instead. … He committed manslaughter to 170,000 people through his negligence, and I absolutely blame him,” she said.

Carlos was for Elizabeth Warren until she dropped out of the race. The loss of her parents sealed her determination to be a Democratic delegate for Joe Biden because of his leadership on fighting the virus.

“When so many thousands of people, a leader stands up and shows empathy — he talks about plans to make it better,” she said.

Carlos just hopes that Biden, in his speech, will tell America to wear a mask. Biden promised to make wearing a mask a national mandate if he’s elected.