Police estimate a gun is stolen from a car in Tacoma every 48 hours

Tacoma — One gun is stolen every 48 hours from a car in Tacoma, the Tacoma Police Department said Tuesday.

Tacoma Police are asking gun owners to be more responsible with storing their guns.

Over 200 guns were stolen from cars in 2022 in Tacoma, along with 10 less than a month into this year.

The stolen guns being counted are from thieves breaking into cars and don’t include guns that are taken out of stolen cars.

Gun owners can prevent these thefts by not leaving guns in their cars, keeping their firearms secure, following safe handling procedures, and keeping guns out of the hands of juveniles.

“Stolen guns are finding their way into the hands of juveniles and are being used in violent crimes, “said Tacoma Chief of Police Avery L. Moore. “Many of these firearms are stolen in vehicle prowls. By not leaving firearms unattended in your vehicle, you are helping us keep guns out of the hands of juveniles.”

If your gun is actively being stolen from your car call 911, otherwise call 253-287-4455. Gun thefts cannot be filed online.