Postal inspectors targeting South Sound mail thieves

United States Postal inspectors are investigating a string of mail thefts in Thurston County.

Officials want victims to come forward as they try to track thieves down.

"Get away from my mailbox,” said John Lamar.

Lamar’s fed up with thieves taking his things. Over the years, he's had mail, medication and personal checks stolen out of his mailbox multiple times.

"They'll just rip the envelope open, take the check and put the empty envelope back in the mailbox,” he said.

A few years ago, Lamar added a lock box, but he said there’s evidence thieves still tried to break in.

"It's bent like somebody was trying to rip it open,” he said.

Lamar lives in Lacey's Tanglewilde neighborhood. It's a spot police have seen the crime happen multiple times.

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In January, KIRO 7 showed viewers video of two people caught on camera stealing mail in the middle of the night.

"Sometimes they're stealing anything from credit cards to just a card from grandma. They're really not after the card from grandma, they're after something that may have personal information,” said U.S. Postal Inspector John Wiegand.

Wiegand said people should pick up their mail every day. If you're gone, have a friend do it or place it on hold.

"The longer it sits out there, the higher potential you have for crime. It's just like leaving a purse in your vehicle. If it's open, if it's out, somebody may take advantage of that opportunity," he said.

After having his mail stolen countless times, Lamar has had enough.

"It's just very, very frustrating. That's about all I can say,” he said.

Those interested in reporting mail theft to the Seattle Division of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service can do so online here, by calling 1-877-876-2455, or by calling their local police department.