Ocean Shores man tries to stab neighbor with Ulu knife, police say

VIDEO: Ocean Shores man tried attacking his neighbor

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. — Ocean Shores police arrested a man they said tried to attack his neighbor with a stun gun and an Ulu knife.

“He started yelling at me that he’s going to cut me and he had a knife, at this point, and charged me. I ran around and spun. I tripped, just like I did there, and he swung the knife at me and just missed my back,” said Dave Grant.

The Grays Harbor County Prosecuting Attorney Office said the suspect is Laurence Gaidrich, 67. Ocean Shores police officers said they know the man “very well.”

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Grant said the threats happened Saturday around 1:30 p.m. outside Ocean Lovers apartments, where both men live. He said tenants were fed up with activity happening inside the man’s apartment and reported it to police.

“It turned into a party house where he was inviting people from the bar to come stay here that had nowhere to go and there were criminals and who knows what,” said Grant. “All of us with kids have been on edge about what’s going on there in number three with Larry.”

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Ocean Shores police said Gaidrich refused to come out of his apartment when they arrived to the scene because he said he was afraid they’d arrest him. Instead, he invited them inside his apartment.

Police said inside his apartment they found the Ulu knife they believe he used in the attempted attack.

“I wasn’t really that scared of him because he is a 67-year-old man, but he was intoxicated and drunk and on a rampage and that’s why I’d rather run from him than confront him,” said Grant.

Police said the man was reportedly intoxicated and acted belligerently toward arresting officers.

“It’s been a lot more peaceful here since he left,” said Grant.

Gaidrich was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail on charges of assault in the second degree, which is a Class B felony.

He’s being held without bail.