• Oak View Group takes control of KeyArena as renovation moves forward


    SEATTLE - The Oak View Group, an investor in the upgrade of KeyArea, will take a major step forward in the massive renovation project coming the Seattle stadium.

    There's a lot of demolition in store first that includes several buildings adjacent to the arena on Thomas Street.

    The skate park will also be demolished.

    The area around KeyArena will look vastly different, with a new entry pavilion and the demolition taking down some familiar features, though the roof will remain mostly the same.

    The changes are all part of the $700 million investment by the Oak View Group.

    OVG says it will get the virtual keys Monday to some of the buildings that will be torn down.

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    “The new pieces have to work well with the old. It’s going to ramp up pretty fast,” said Oak View Group -Consultant Key Arena Shaun Mason.

    The project will be the largest renovation the site has ever seen and will get the arena ready for a potential NHL hockey team, and many hope the eventual return of the Sonics.

    The changes will mean a lot of noise and construction in the area.

    The City of Seattle has promised sound barriers to cut down on the noise from the work which will go close to around the clock until it is completed.

    Truck tunnels will also handle some of the traffic.

    There are notices in the area about the upcoming work as permits are being set.

    There no exact date yet for the start of the major work with heavy equipment.

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