Nudity in Seattle: It's not just for Solstice Parades

If you’re wondering why there are more nude people than usual riding bicycles through Fremont this weekend, just know two things:

1) You’re not imagining it.

2) It’s legal.

The Fremont Solstice Parade draws quite the crowd every year. And the nude cyclists that ride in conjunction with the festivities are often the talk of the town.

Nudity in Seattle

But Seattle police won’t be cracking down on these cyclists.

“Being nude all by itself is not a law violation and nor would you expect to be investigated by the police,” Seattle Police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb previously explained. “It’s the conduct that someone might perform while nude that would result in a criminal investigation.”

What is illegal is flashing or inappropriately touching yourself while nude.

Because there is an expectation of nudity during the Solstice Parade, there’s even less of a problem than if you were to, say, walk down the sidewalk on a Monday without clothes on.

If there is a complaint about nudity, officers must consider the entire circumstance. Some may be offended, but that doesn’t make it illegal.

The non-motorized parade at 1 p.m. Saturday, June 16, features puppets, stilt walkers, floats, and dancers. The naked bike ride typically starts just before and runs along the same route as the parade.

Bikeshare at Solstice Parade

Those looking to ride ahead of the parade that don’t own a bike don’t need to look far. Thanks to Seattle’s free-floating bikeshare programs, it will be a breeze to pick up one of thousands of bikes and ride through Fremont.

The idea may make some cringe, but it was actually encouraged by the city's first bikeshare program Pronto, before the city purchased Pronto. At the time, it was unclear who would clean the seats after the ride was over. Like today's bikeshare programs, once you were done with your ride, you simply left it.

One reddit user spotted a few LimeBikes during last year’s ride.

Another said they’ve seen people riding bikeshare bikes in the past.

“I’m sure there will be several people on bikeshare bikes this year. Put a plastic bag on the seat.”

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