Bellevue Police offering $16K bonuses for some new hires

BELLEVUE, Wash. — The Bellevue Police Department is hiring, and while you could get in at the ground level, those who leave one police department and are hired for a similar position with the same experience level could get a huge bonus.

So just how much is BPD offering? The department’s recruiting page on Facebook says lateral applicants are eligible for a $16,000 signing bonus.

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For officers to be eligible as a lateral hire, they must have at least two years of law enforcement experience with no more than a six-month break in service from when they left their last police position to the time of submitting their application with BPD.

The department is also taking entry level and exceptional entry applicants. An exceptional entry officer is one with less than two years of police experience and with no more than a six-month break in service.

Officers can make up to $100,200 in base pay, with an additional 5% to 17% more if they have a degree and longevity pay.

Patrol officers get four to five days off in a row each work cycle and two weekends off each month.

Lateral applicants hired can earn vacation time comparable to their total years of service and can also test for specialized or supervisory positions.

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