Northwest Trek Wildlife Park hails first baby animals born of the season

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PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. — If you have plans to visit the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville, you’ll likely see some newborn baby animals.

According to a release from the park, parkgoers can try and spot three Roosevelt elk calves, six black-tailed deer fawns and possibly some wild goslings and ducklings that sporadically make appearances.

The Roosevelt elk are said to breed from September to November, with females giving birth to their calves after an 8.5-month pregnancy.

Black-tailed deer breed from October to December with females also giving birth after more than eight months.

While these newbies are a plus, more animal births are expected.

“We expect even more births this spring and summer,” said assistant curator Dave Meadows. “It’s fun to watch the newborns as they grow, sticking very close to their mothers at first and later gaining the confidence to venture a bit farther away.”

The park is home to herds of bison, elk, deer, caribou, bighorn sheep, moose and more.

While guests can ride in the comfort of their car to experience the park’s wonders, or take a Keeper Adventure Tour in a jeep with a park keeper, they can also walk paved pathways through natural habitats. There’s also a play area called Kids’ Trek, where toddlers to tweens can run off a little energy.