No search for killer in deaths of Mason County couple

The couple whose bodies were found inside a trailer near Belfair in Mason County has been identified as Matthew and Luna Bush.

"She was a beautiful daughter and a wonderful mother," said Luna's mother, when reached by telephone.  She said they are waiting for information from investigators.  "All I know is that I have lost my daughter. She just had a birthday."

Mason County investigators are reluctant to confirm if this is a murder-suicide. But they set out to reassure residents they have nothing to fear because of the deaths.

"We want to make sure we follow up on some leads and get the autopsy done on Monday before we say exactly what it was that happened," said Chief Criminal Deputy Ryan Spurling outside the Mason County Sheriff's office.

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Friday afternoon, a six-year-old boy made the grisly discovery of the bodies of his 28-year-old mother and 35-year-old stepfather inside their trailer as he returned home from school. He went to a neighbor's house for help.  That neighbor confirmed the adults were dead and called 911.

Spurling says another child lived there, too.

"Yes," said Spurling, "his younger brother (who) is three years old but was at a grandmother's house in a neighboring county."

He says neither child was at home when the couple was killed.

What KIRO 7 knows about the couple is that they were married.  They moved their travel trailer into the neighborhood only a couple of months ago. The six-year-old boy was Luna's child. The three-year-old was hers and her husband's child, too. Neighbors say they looked for all the world like a happy, young family.

Investigators reassured neighbors that they are safe.

"There's no danger to this community," said Spurling.  He says they are not looking for a killer. "Not at this point," he added.  "No."

Chief Spurling says both boys are staying with blood relatives.   He says detectives are talking to friends and relatives to get a better idea of what was happening with this couple.

Autopsies are planned for Monday.  He said they should have more definitive answers soon after that.

According to Luna Bush's mother, Matthew also had a 12-year-old daughter.