New TSA carry-on guidelines could slow security lines

New TSA carry-on guidelines could slow security lines

The Travel Safety Administration is implementing new procedures when it comes to powders in carry-on bags.

You'll be encouraged, but not required, to check containers holding 350 milliliters, or 11.8 ounces or more of any kind of powder -- anything from cosmetics to baby powder to drink mixes, according to CBS News.

That's about the size of a can of soda.

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Travelers who don't check containers of powder, even those of a smaller size, may be asked to pull the items out for separate screening, which slows security lines.

In addition, powders can look like explosive material in an X-ray, and that could also lead to bag searches – again slowing lines for travelers.

The inspections will only occur in the general screening lines, not in TSA Precheck.

The new regulations are meant to reduce the chance of explosive material or an agent such as pepper spray from getting into the airplane's cabin, according to CBS News.

In 10 days, the TSA will request foreign airports with nonstop service to the US do the same thing.

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