New rules to limit bikes on water taxis begin Monday

KING COUNTY, Wash. — New rules for bicyclists who take King County water taxis to West Seattle or Vashon start Monday.

The rules come after officials said a strong demand for bike storage has created unsafe conditions while sailing. Bikes were blocking ramps and guardrails.

The number of bikes will be limited to 26 on the Sally Fox and Doc Maynard. The Spirit of Kingston will allow up to 14 bikes.

"Bicyclists are always going to have options.They can wait for the next sailing, and get the next sailing time if this one is going to be full of bicycles. We want people to do a little bit of planning ahead," said Jeff Switzer with King County Metro.

All the bikes must fit within marked bike rack storage areas on the vessels.

Metro said most of the issues have come with large bike bags or larger electric bikes during the morning and evening commutes.

Officials will be monitoring the effectiveness of the new safety rules.

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