New law restricts pot store advertisements

(File photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

SEATTLE — People spinning signs advertising pot shops will no longer be allowed at intersections in Washington state.

A new state law went into effect Sunday, restricting how marijuana shops can advertise.

Gov. Jay Inslee signed the bill in May.

In addition to pot shop sign spinners, the new law bans stores from depicting products, marijuana plants or any logos that appeal to children on store signs or billboards.

It also prohibits any type of advertising on buses or other transit, including pot delivery vehicles.

Advertising that specifically targets people outside of Washington is also banned.

A county, city or town may adopt more restrictive outdoor advertising for its recreational marijuana stores, according to the new restrictions.

The law does include a positive for pot store owners. Owners of marijuana shops are now allowed to have up to five retail licenses per business. The previous limit was three.