Nationwide EpiPen shortage keeping kids out of school

VIDEO: Mylan locates EpiPen for patients

UPDATE: Oct. 8:  Mylan, the maker of the EpiPen, said Monday it had successfully located product for patients who are experiencing difficulty accessing their prescription. Those looking for the medication should call the customer service line at 1-800-796-9526.

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The nationwide EpiPen shortage is now forcing some children to stay home from school, until their medication can be filled.

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Chiquita Morris said her 5-year-old son Eden had just started kindergarten at Spanaway Elementary when she was told by school officials, that Eden couldn’t come back until he has an EpiPen.

“Yes, I understand I need to get one, but there’s nothing I can do,” said Morris.

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With the nationwide EpiPen shortage KIRO 7 told you about earlier this week, Morris is among those scrambling to find these epinephrine auto-injectors used to treat severe allergic reactions.

Morris said she's been calling multiple pharmacies every day but has had no luck while her son is missing school.

We looked up the Bethel School District website, and under the health services page, it said: "State law requires children with life-threatening conditions to have a medication and/or treatment order on file prior to the start of school. "

Morris said in light of the EpiPen shortage, the school can do more to accommodate parents and help kids stay in school.

“I understand the health concern but I believe the school should have backup EpiPen as well, and not just parents,” said Morris.

The EpiPen shortage is so bad that in August, the FDA extended the expiration date for some lots of EpiPens by four months.

But the extension does not apply for EpiPen Junior, which is meant for kids weighing 66 pounds or less.

Doctors are advising people who need EpiPens to renew their prescriptions early  or get on a waiting list as soon as possible.