Musician attacked with baseball bat after leaving Seattle nightclub

SEATTLE — A local musician is in intensive care with serious head injuries after being struck with a baseball bat.

His fiancee tells KIRO 7 a group of young people living in a homeless camp attacked him as they left a nightclub early Thursday morning.

The attack happened on Eastlake Avenue as a show was letting out from El Corazon.

Cherry Cash told KIRO 7 her fiance, Ryan Georg, was ambushed from behind by a group of six or seven young men, one of them armed with a bat.

Seattle police would not do an interview with KIRO 7, nor provide basic information about the case, including whether they arrested a suspect.

A spokesman for the city department that responds to homeless camps only communicated by text message, saying their team was at the camp Friday and that they are monitoring the situation and waiting for the police investigation.

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"They've swept it a couple of times in three years' time and the sweeps have lasted a grand total of maybe three to four hours," said Dana Sims, an owner of El Corazon.

Sims said he has complained many times to the city, but nothing changes.

"The time for talking and coming up with excuses or doing research or passing the buck is over, it's reaching a boiling point in this city," Sims said.

Friends of Ryan Georg have put up a GoFundMe page and are planning a benefit concert in January in Portland. Georg is a guitarist and vocalist in the metal band Saint Helen.

"Not only was the person who got attacked a friend, he's a regular patron of this club and a musician who plays this club regularly," Sims said.