710 ESPN talk-show host's car hit by falling rock on I-5

SEATTLE — The State Patrol and Seattle police are investigating the fifth case of a rock being dropped from an I-5 freeway overpass, smashing the windshield or grill of a passing car below.

All of the incidents were reported over the last three days. On Tuesday night, 710 ESPN talk show host Gee Scott was riding in an Uber on I-5 near the West Seattle Bridge, when a large rock slammed directly into the car's windshield. "I'm in the back seat, I'm enjoying my Uber ride," said Scott.

"All the sudden I hear this loud boom! I'm telling you, it was loud!" Scott says the shattered window caused the Uber driver to temporarily lose control of his car. "I'm like man what was that?" "All the sudden I see like this big ol’ softball hit the windshield."

Feeling lucky no one was hurt, Scott snapped a photo of the damage, and he put it on Twitter, not realizing the exact same thing happened to other drivers like Gordie Mjelde on Sunday.

Mjelde had an eight pound rock shatter his windshield while driving on I-5 in Seattle, near the convention center overpass.

At about the same time, a woman driving a car had a rock blast through her grill while driving in the same area. The state patrol has told victims they believe homeless people dropped the rocks, but Seattle Police have not made an arrest.

"This could happen to you," Mjelde said. "I never thought in a million years this would happen to me!" "I'm glad to tell you a story about it," said Scott. "At the same time I don't wish this upon anybody. And I hope whoever's doing it will cease right now."