Microsoft redesigns its Office app icons

Microsoft redesigns its Office app icons

Photo: Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft officials announced a redesign for 10 of its Microsoft Office app icons. The last redesign was in 2013.

In a Microsoft blog post, an official with the company said the change is "to honor the heritage of Office and welcome in the future," whereby people can see what has been reflected in product changes.

A Microsoft official said, “Simplicity and harmony are key visual elements that reflect the seamless connectivity and intuitiveness of Office apps. While each icon has a unique and identifiable symbol, there are connections within each app’s symbol and the collective suite."

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Users will also notice updates in products that use AI features. Facial detection, for example, will help identify speakers in videos.

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Another AI feature will allow speech-to-text closed captioning.

And for those who want to stop using a username and password to sign into their Microsoft accounts on the Edge browser, they will be able to use Windows Hello or a FIDO2 device.

As for when the icons are expected to roll out, users will reportedly see them over the next few months.