Microsoft announces AI-upgrades to Bing search engine and Edge browser

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced improvements to the Bing search engine and Edge browser.

The company revealed the new AI-powered Bing homepage, which allows users to search, get answers, chat, and create.

Yusef Mehdi, Corporate VP and Consumer Chief Marketing Officer for Microsoft, previewed how it functions. Not only does the updated version give you more detailed answers, but the chat feature allows you to get very specific with your questions.

One example Mehdi showcased was asking the engine to plan a 5-day trip to Mexico, and it delivered.

It broke things down by day and listed a number of activities to do.

Microsoft says the way of searching has remained the same for the last 20 years, and people have been trying to do more than it was intended for therefore this upgrade was much needed.

“What this means if you just kind of do the simple math, it means that roughly half of all searches are delivering the job to people want. If you go on the 10 million queries it means that every second 50,000 people’s searches potentially go on answered this is why we believe it’s time for a new approach and search,” said Mehdi.

This new technology is live Tuesday but just for a limited preview, the company says in the coming weeks it will be available for everyone.