Medical pot database could cause delays for medical marijuana users

The state's medical marijuana database might not be ready by Friday, and that could pose a big problems for patients on the day many of the state's dispensaries will transition to retail operations.

A Tacoma company is in charge of running the database. It’s not yet known what the problem is.

But medical marijuana patients should be allowed to walk into a store such as Urban Bud and use what's called a  medical marijuana recognition card.

That card would allow the cardholder to purchase products without sales tax and buy three times the amount of marijuana that recreational users can buy.

But until the database is up and running, medical marijuana patients won't be able to use their cards anywhere in the state.

For some context, Friday is the day hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries are set to be closed by the state-with the remaining shops transitioning to retail operations.

Medical patients could of course shop anywhere, but without this database running, they won't get those benefits.