Meat shortage creates challenge for restaurants

VIDEO: Meat shortage forces restaurant to close

As many restaurants prepare to let customers dine in under phase 2, some are asking where’s the meat?

The owner of Jeff’s Texas BBQ in Marysville told KIRO 7 he had to cut back from being open six days a week to being open for just a few days.

“I deal in only fresh meat, and that's where the big problem is because there isn't a lot of fresh meat out there right now,” said owner Jeff Knoch.

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Meat prices have doubled, and the supply has become so tight the restaurant has now closed altogether and is not sure when it can reopen.

“With the price of meat goes up to a point where I can’t trim it, cook it, and season it and sell it for a profit, then I’m out of business. And I don’t want to be out of business. I want those prices to come back down,” Knoch said.

Coronavirus-related food shortages also caused grocery chains to limit meat purchases.

Some grocery stores throughout Western Washington had to limit their customers’ meat buying.