Mayoral candidates call on Ed Murray to step down now

Photos from left to right: Former Seattle mayor and current mayoral candidate Mike McGinn, activist and mayoral candidate Cary Moon, and incumbent Mayor Ed Murray.

Nearly a dozen other people are running in the fall election for Seattle mayor – as incumbent Ed Murray drops out of the race.

Four accusers – with one filing a lawsuit – have come forward alleging sexual abuse against Murray.

Murray announced on Tuesday that he will remain in office until the end of the year.

He again adamantly denied the allegations but said Seattle voters must not be distracted from city issues during the upcoming campaign.

Below, read what some mayoral candidates had to say about Murray withdrawing from the election.

Who’s in the race?

Active campaigns listed by the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission name 11 candidates: Casey Carlisle, Michael Harris, David Ishii, Harley Lever, Mary Juanita Martin, Michael McGinn, Cary Moon, Nikkita Oliver, Jason Roberts, Alex Tsimerman, and Keith Whiteman.

State Sen. Bob Hasewaga is not yet listed, but he entered the race this week. Multiple sources tell KIRO 7 News that former U.S. Attorney General Jenny Durkan is expected to jump into the race this week.

Mike McGinn

About Mike McGinn: McGinn, who announced his candidacy in mid-April, served as Seattle mayor from 2010 to 2014. When McGinn conceded the mayoral race in 2013 to Murray, he admitted that he “rubbed people the wrong way” during his time as Seattle mayor. McGinn – a former Sierra Club activist and attorney – was a strong advocate for transit options known for riding his bicycle to events. 

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After Murray’s announcement, McGinn sent a series of tweets – with one calling for the mayor to resign.

McGinn wrote earlier this week that he was disappointed in Murray's handling of parts of the allegations.

“While the truthfulness of the allegations against Ed Murray must be decided in a court of law … I am discouraged that Mayor Murray has employed the same rhetoric attacking the credibility of his accusers that is frequently used to discredit survivors of abuse,” he wrote.

Cary Moon

About Cary Moon: Moon is an urban planner and engineer best known for her activism against the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel. She is a member of – but currently on a leave of absence from – the board of directors of the Progress Alliance and the One Center City Advisory Board. Moon cites traffic congestion, expensive rents, and surging homelessness as some of the city’s biggest challenges.

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Moon thanked the mayor for his years of service in a statement, but wrote she felt it’s in the best interest that he step down now.

“I believe it's in the best interests of everyone - especially the many survivors of sexual assault re-experiencing their own traumas - for the Mayor to step down now so that City Hall can get back to work,” she wrote.

"An aggressive legal fight, where Mayor Murray feels compelled to use all the power of his position as a public official to demean and even silence his accusers, is deeply divisive to our community and triggering for survivors of sexual assault. Whatever the outcome of the judicial process, it’s not appropriate for a public official to do this while serving as the leader of our city," she wrote.

Nikkita Oliver

About Nikkita Oliver: Oliver, an attorney, announced her intentions to run in March. She is running under the Peoples Party of Seattle, which is a community-centered grassroots political party. Oliver, works as a teaching artist and mentor in Seattle Public Schools and for a nonprofit, Creative Justice, which uses artwork with court-involved youth.

Oliver and The People’s Party released a statement Tuesday morning.

“We respect his right to due process regarding the allegations made against him,” it read in part. “However, we hope this announcement does not become a reason to stop talking about vulnerable youth.”

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