Mayor Durkan responds to threat of federal charges

VIDEO: AG Barr asked federal prosecutors to explore criminal charges against Mayor Durkan

SEATTLE — President Donald Trump didn’t like the way Seattle handled the protests, and he especially didn’t like the CHOP, 6-block zone of Capitol Hill that was police free for weeks until two people were killed.

Now Attorney General William Barr has asked his justice department to determine whether Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan can be prosecuted for civil rights violations according to a report in The New York Times.

“The first thing went through my mind is how chilling it would be if that were true,” Durkan said “That we would use federal criminal apparatus, the Department of Justice to settle political scores.”

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Before becoming Mayor, Jenny Durkan was the US Attorney for Western Washington appointed by President Obama.

She says it’s also wrong that Barr has asked federal prosecutors whether protestors can be charged with sedition, according to the Times.

People who marched peacefully in the street are doing what our nation protects and reveres in the Constitution. We’re a democracy, not a tyranny. And at the end of the day, every governmental agency works for the people, and what’s right for the people.

In a statement, current Western Washington US Attorney Brian Moran said, “At no time has anyone at the Department communicated to me that Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is, was, or should be the subject of a criminal investigation or should be charged with any federal crime related to the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP).”

But Durkan points out that if the Attorney General was pursuing charges against her, the local US Attorney’s office would likely be kept out of the loop.

Asked if she’s concerned that federal agents may be knocking on her door soon Durkan responded “I certainly hope not, and in ordinary times I would dismiss it as absurd. But we are not living in ordinary times.”