5 officers injured; 9 arrested in violent anti-capitalist march on May Day 

May Day anti-capitalists gathered in a violent protest across Seattle after the peaceful immigration and workers’ rights protest concluded on Sunday afternoon. 

Click here for photos of the afternoon and evening rally. Scroll down for a live stream and real-time updates.

Key developments:

  • +Peaceful demonstrators for an immigration and workers’ rights rally wrapped up around 5:30 p.m. after marching through downtown Seattle.
  • +Around 6 p.m. around 200 anti-capitalist protesters gathered in Westlake center.
  • +At least 5 officers injuried
  • +At least 9 people arrested
  • +The violent protesters marched through Belltown, downtown, and to SODO despite dispersal order. 
  • +Officers have seen individuals with poles with bolts, rocks, and cans of spraypaint in crowd. 
  • +Flash bangs used to control crowd
  • +The anti-capitalist march has ended at Costco

VIDEO: Team coverage on violent anti-capitalist march on May Day


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