Marysville parents, students rally against controversial parental consent policy

Parents and students of the Marysville School District rallied Monday to speak out against a controversial proposal by the district.

As part of the proposal, students would need parental permission to join any school-sanctioned club in the district.

That includes clubs that advocate for LGBTQIA+ causes, or any other social issues. By forcing parental permission, the people at Monday’s rally worry that students will involuntarily be outed to their parents simply by joining a school club.

Rally participants insist that schools should be safe spaces, regardless of parental involvement.

“It’s very much a safety issue for our students,” said James De Leon, a Marysville student who attended Monday’s rally. “Students should be safe and make sure they know where they belong, and having that safe space gives them the opportunity to open out and be themselves.”

The proposal by the school district is far from a done deal, and it was still being discussed by administrators as of Monday night.