• Mariners fans traveling to Cooperstown to honor Edgar Martínez

    By: Patranya Bhoolsuwan


    SEATTLE - Mariners legend Edgar Martínez  will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in New York on Sunday. 

    For many baseball fans, It's a long time coming.

    We caught up with two of Martínez’s biggest fans, Midge McCauley and Jane Nelson, as they were about to board a plane to Cooperstown Friday morning.

    “We are really excited,” said Nelson, who started going to the Mariners' games with McCauley three years ago, but who has been a Martínez fan for years.

    “He’s not only worked hard to get there but he shared what he learned with others so he’s kind of an ultimate player,” she said. 

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    Martinez’s MLB career spanned from 1982 to 2004. He played his entire career with the Mariners.

    It was his 10th and final year of eligibility to be voted into the Hall of Fame and Martinez made it with just over 85 percent of the vote.

    “He’s a very special person. He works hard,” said McCauley. “He’s revered by people who work with him and that’s an accolade few people can have.”

    McCauley and Nelson said they wouldn’t have made the trip to Cooperstown if it weren’t for Martinez.

    But their love for the team extends to the entire Mariners family, which they will continue to root for every season, win or lose.

    “You find players to root for, other good guys. And that’s how it keeps you going,” said Nelson.

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