Man stabbed in buttocks while riding bike. Attacker was mad he wouldn't ‘steal things'

FIFE, Wash. — He was riding a bicycle past a Fife motel when he felt a searing pain in his buttocks and realized he’d been stabbed.

The man kept pedaling until he became weak from blood loss and collapsed outside a casino.

Officers who responded noted a trail of blooding leading from the intersection to where the man fell next to his bike.

Using Facebook, the victim was able to show police a photograph of the 27-year-old he claimed stabbed him.

“The victim states he and the defendant had an argument because the defendant wanted the victim to steal things for him, like the victim had done in the past,” according to court documents.

The alleged attacker became angry after the victim said he was no longer interested in stealing clothes in exchange for drugs, records show.

The victim, whose bowels were punctured by the knife, spent eight days in the hospital after the July 24 confrontation.

On Wednesday, Pierce County prosecutors charged the man with first-degree assault.