Man arrested, AR-15 rifle seized after threat to ‘kill all' at Seattle church

SEATTLE — Seattle police say a Covington man wanted to commit mass murder and that he threatened to take aim at a Seattle Church.

When they moved in, they found he had an AR-15.

The suspect allegedly referenced the recent mass shooting at a Texas church,

Court documents call the threats alarming.

They were issued over several weeks. They culminated with the threat to the Cross and Crown Church on 12th Avenue Northeast in the University District the day after the Texas church massacre.

According to court documents, 25-year-old Edward Goga had already threatened to burn down the church.

But he hadn't had contact with the Cross and Crown for a year and a half.

Still, the court documents say Goga was upset because church members had suggested he seek medical help.

Then last month, a picture of an AR 15 was posted on his Facebook page with the words: "going on an adventure."

Two weeks later, he allegedly sent the church an email.

"Time to engage the artillery and kill you," it read.

On Nov. 5, in Sutherland Springs, Texas, a 26-year-old gunman opened fire on the church his estranged mother-in-law attended.

Twenty-six people died in the massacre and another 20 churchgoers were injured. The next day, Cross and Crown received another email from Goga's Hotmail account.
This one, more ominous still.

"It saddens me that you guys weren't the ones shot instead of the ones in Texas," the email allegedly said. "I'm hoping someone finds it in their hearts to burn you all alive in your church building."

That's when the church contacted Seattle police.

Three days later, Goga was arrested. His AR-15 was confiscated.

After his arrest, Goga allegedly confessed.

But he said the church members should have known he wouldn't carry out his threat. Tonight he is free on $100,000 bail.

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