Man accused of hitting cars, swinging at Tacoma officer with arrow

Man accused of hitting cars, swinging at Tacoma officer with arrow
Stock photo of police lights. (kali9 / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

TACOMA, Wash. — A man was taken into custody after investigators said he allegedly hit cars and swung at an officer with an arrow in Tacoma over the weekend.

On Jan. 18, an officer responded to the area of Dock Street after someone called to report a man who struck a car with a stick.

According to probable cause documents, the officer talked to the caller, who said he was sitting in his work truck eating lunch when a man approached his truck, hit it with a stick and kicked it.

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As the officer was taking the report, he saw the man, who he identified the suspect as Ubaldo Alejandre, standing on the sidewalk and waved a black stick.

Investigators said the officer parked his patrol vehicle about 100 feet from the suspect and saw him yelling while waving a stick at a pedestrian.

According to police, the suspect approached the officer’s patrol vehicle, leaned against the front of it and started hitting the hood with what turned out to be an arrow.

The officer backed up but the suspect moved to the driver’s side door and started to pull the handle, investigators said. The officer called for another officer.

When the second officer arrived, the suspect turned and focused his attention on that officer, according to police. The first officer then got out of his vehicle.

Probable cause documents stated that the suspect turned around to face the first officer and allegedly pointed the arrow directly at the officer, stepped toward the officer and swung an arrow at his face.

The officer drew his Taser-like device and ordered him to drop the arrow several times, but when the suspect refused, he moved toward the officer and raised it, investigators said.

According to police, the officer activated the Taser-like device and the suspect fell to the ground.

Both officers were able to get the suspect into custody.