Lynnwood to restart late fees, shut-offs and liens for utilities

LYNNWOOD, Wash. — The city of Lynnwood announced it will restart its normal operations for collecting late fees, shut-offs and liens for utilities starting July 1.

During the pandemic, there was a moratorium on shutting off utilities for a lack of payment, but that expired.

The city even provided customers with a grace period to help customers, which ends June 30.

However, customers who are still unable to pay their outstanding balances can seek assistance.

Ways the city is providing assistance:

  • The city is offering a convenient payment plan that allows residential customers to avoid late fees, water shutoff and liens. The application is available at
  • Snohomish County has financial assistance for qualifying low-income households. Email for information.
  • The city is offering special rates and rebates for qualifying low-income households.( However, special rates do not apply to existing charges.
  • For other financial assistance that might be available for qualifying low-income households, visit or call 211 to learn more.

For additional information on how to pay a utility bill, customers can visit: