Lynnwood police reassure local Muslims, create opportunity

VIDEO: Show of solidarity at Lynnwood mosque

LYNNWOOD, Wash. — With recent mosque attacks and the ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, worshippers at the Evergreen Islamic Institute in Lynnwood asked police to come and talk after the Friday prayer.

Hundreds of men packed into the Lynnwood mosque to pray and to listen.

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Lynnwood Police Chief Tom Davis was invited to speak.

"We are one Lynnwood," Chief Davis told worshippers. He told them his department would continue, "to be a vigilant, proactive police department that will hold accountable those who wish to do harm to any members of our community."

Worshippers weren't expecting what he said next. He said the Lynnwood Police Department would change the uniform policy to allow religious headgear to be worn on the job.

"Effective today, I'm implementing a policy that allows an employee to wear certain religious headgear such as a hijab, turban or yarmulke in the workplace," said Chief Davis.

He said he wants the Lynnwood Police Department to be more diverse and welcoming.

We called around to other local police departments and found the Seattle Police Department also allows religious headgear, and the Bellevue Police Department said they would if asked.