Lynnwood police look for man who brutally attacked Subway shop employee

A brutal attack inside a Lynnwood Subway shop left an employee with multiple fractures to his face and jaw.

It happened around 8:30 Monday night in the store on 44th Avenue West.

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Manager Bobbie Nadeau said she was already home Monday when she took a call from one of her workers.

“He was like,‘So I was assaulted,’” she told us, which is immediately concerning; but after she watched the video—she was floored.

"I'm like, ‘Oh my gosh, this guy is crazy.’"

Surveillance footage from inside the Subway shows the suspect brutally attack Nadeau's employee, throwing condiments, jumping over the counter, then leaving and coming back to continue the beating at least two more times.

At one point the suspect chases the victim around the store, knocks him to the ground and then stomps on him.  He eventually grabs the worker's cellphone and throws it on the floor in an attempt to prevent him from calling 911.

The altercation all started because the suspect parked perpendicularly across three parking spots.

"When he walked into the store one of the employees asked him to park his car in a stall normally so that it freed up the spaces for the other customers,” explained Lynnwood Police Sgt. Sean Doty. “Well apparently the suspect took offense to that."

Police now desperately want to find this guy.

"The level of violence he exhibited to this employee who was just trying to tell him to repark his car is ridiculous, so we want to know who he is, we want to bring him to justice and hopefully prevent it from happening again,” Doty continued.

Because happening just once is too much; the victim has fractures in his face and jaw and will need surgery.

"He came in the other day and I'm like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” Nadeau told us.

She says he's so rattled he may not return to work-- and she can't blame him.

"It made me not feel safe,” Nadeau concluded.

If you believe you recognize this suspect call the detective overseeing this case: 425-670-5623